Featured Artists

  • Louviere + Vanessa (profile & interview by editor Blue Mitchell)
  • Don Gregorio Anton (profile & interview by photographer J Swofford)
  • Cynthia Greig (profile & interview by photographer Michael Van der Tol)
  • Maureen Delaney (profile with interview by photographer Aline Smithson)

Group Showcase

  • Elements featuring 38 photographers
  • Plates to Pixels juried show “Body Pulses” award winners


  • A Real Sense of Warpality (omniscope photography) by Zeb Andrews
  • The Serendipitous Photographer by Diana Bloomfield
  • Adventures in Multi-pinhole Photography by Malin Fabbri
  • The World of Plate Photography by Phil Nesmith

Other Features

  • Homemade Pinhole Cameras Gallery
  • Artist to Watch
  • Photography Book Reviews


download article “The World of Wetplate Photograpy” by Phil Nesmith (PDF)


Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Volume II, 2010

Preview the abridged version below

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