Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Volume IV

Ready for a whole-lotta photograph love?  It’s a great time to be a photography fan, especially an unconventional photography one. This volume is glowing… there’s science, history, thought, hand-craft and tales of the influential muse. In my opinion, this matters. It’s for the soul. Nourishment if you will.

FEATURED ARTISTS (profiles and portfolios)

  • Jennifer B Hudson by Jennifer Schlesinger
  • John Chervinsky by Aline Smithson
  • Leah McDonald by Polly Chandler
  • Jim Leisy by Blue Mitchell


  • Exploring the Muse: Susan Kae Grant, Ken Rosenthal and Polly Chandler by Susan Burnstine
  • Transient Reflections and Fixed Impressions: Thoughts on the Physical Photograph in a Digital Age by Jeffrey Baker
  • Abstract Photography by Ryan Nabulsi


  • Jody Ake
  • S. Gayle Stevens
  • Heidi Kirkpatrick
  • Bryan David Griffith
  • Hiroshi Hayakawa
  • Fritz Liedtke
  • Ray Bidegain
  • Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman
  • Anna Low
  • Corinne Perry
  • Beth Devillier
  • Rachel Wolf
  • Dan Herrera


Best of Show:

  • Athena Petra Tasiopoulos

1st Place:

  • Clay Lipsky

2nd Place:

  • Kent Krugh

Honorable Mentions:

  • Andrea Galluzzo
  • Edward Bateman
  • Emma Powell
  • Steve Ballance

Selected Artists:

  • Adam Blackman
  • Adam Daniel Watkins
  • Amy Ditto
  • Ann George
  • Anne Arden
  • Barbara Dombach
  • Brandon Fernandez
  • Carmella Rodriguez
  • Carolyn Hampton
  • Claire Mallett
  • Deon Reynolds
  • Diana Bloomfield
  • Dominic Turner
  • Douglas Yates
  • Elizabeth Graves
  • Ellen Jantzen
  • Fran Forman
  • Heather Wetzel
  • John Sumner
  • Judith Hoffman
  • Kenneth Jackson
  • Kristal Passy
  • Leslie Ebert
  • Liz Lee
  • Mabel Odessey
  • Marico Fayre
  • Meghann Gilligan
  • Michele Cole
  • Michelle Rogerspritzl
  • Scott Barnes
  • Smith Eliot
  • Timothy McCoy

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